Please bring medications or list of medications.

No caffine (tea, coffee, cola, chocolate) for 24 hours prior to your test (and no decaffeinated tea/coffee).

Light breakfast the day of the test.

Be prepared to walk or run on the tredmill - wear a t-shirt, shorts or sweatpants and running shoes.

a) If on insulin: light breakfast, the morning of the test, and take HALF the usual morning insulin dose.
b) If on oral medication: light breakfast, and don't take diabetes medication before the test. After the test, you may eat and take your medication.

Certain medications should be stopped, if possible the test, only if permitted by your doctor, as follows:

STOP for 24 HOURS BEFORE the TEST: •Metorolol(Lopressor) •Diatiazem(Cardizem; Tiazac) •Sildenafil(Viagra) •Acebutolol(Monitan; Sectral) •Carvediol(Coreg) •Vardenafil(Levitra)
STOP for 48 HOURS BEFORE the TEST: •Atenolol(Tenormin) •Bisoprolol(Monocor) • Nadolol(Corgard) • Tadalafil(Cialis) *4 days